Web and Multimedia is definitely today's business advantage. Imagine a sales associate pitching your products or services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. WG Designs will give you highly polished website which shows you mean business. It also gives your company the edge over the competition by supplying more information than they do, making the customer more willing to buy. WG Designs is continually on the edge of the latest technology to get the information to your customer or to get their attention. I work with HTML and CSS to make your site not only cross platform compatible, but also works on todays hottest web surfing devices. I work hard to get your message out there whether it be web sites, interactive CD's, information web bar's, Virtual Tour's, Virtual Demo's or 3d animated web visuals. I also provide social media services such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Yelp to just a name a few. I also use the latest web site analytic tools to see what campaigns are working for your site, products or services. I take pride in my work and I want you to love your website. Please look at my work below.
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