About WG

I believe everyone’s company should have their look, whatever message they are going for. Something that says “wow, they mean business”. I love working with the client to produce that. It has always been rewarding for me to see a client’s face light up when they get that look. I started this company to work on creative projects and push the graphics as far as they can go.

I personally have always been an artist. Ever since I was a child I have kept a sketchbook and still do. Even then I knew I wanted to be an artist. When I was a teenager I was into drawing comic books for my friends. I later got into air brushing. I had people wanting me to air brush everything from t-shirts to walls. Somehow people started paying me to do so. That’s when I realized that I really had something. I later learned how the computer can be very useful in art work. I learned about contrast, compliment color, layout and continuity. I continued my education at NYU learning 3D animation and compositing.

While looking for a job in a tightly knit market I had people asking me to design all different types of things – logos, flyers, brochures and so forth. I had a lot of fun working with owners on thier projects one on one, so I decided to start my own company, WG Designs.