Installation of circuit breakers – wiring work, similar in complexity to the installation of electrical outlets. To perform this type of work you need to seek help from professional electricians. Because only they can guarantee quality and safe results. In this article we will consider in more detail the features of installing circuit breakers for the house or apartment.

Types of circuit breakers

The easiest and most familiar to everyone are key and button breakers, in other words, keys. Remote switches are circuit breakers, which are controlled by special consoles. Passageways allow you to control one light source from several different points. Dimmer circuit breakers are no less interesting, with their help you can control the degree and intensity of light. Recently, touch-sensitive light circuit breakers, which operate with a simple touch, have become more and more popular.

Installation of circuit breakers

If the circuit breakers are correctly installed, the light must always be switched on by pressing the upper button or the key. The installation process consists of these steps:

  • power failure;
  • preparation of the installation site;
  • connection and fixation;
  • installation of the decorative cover;
  • restoring the power supply.

Installation of light circuit breakers is carried out in the phase wire cut-off, which makes it possible to quickly disconnect the power supply network in the event of short-circuit. This ensures a high level of electrical safety during replacement of chandeliers, lighting fixtures and cartridges, as well as during repair of the electrical wiring section, which stretches from the lamp to the circuit breaker.

Installation of circuit breakers and safety

In the case of open wiring, the installation is carried out on gaskets made of an insulating non-combustible material (e.g. hetinax, textolite, asbestos cement, etc.). The gasket is most often a structural part of electrical installation products. In wood, underwear should be installed on fireproof bases. A gasket made of asbestos may be used as such a base. Its thickness provides maximum protection from sunbathing in case of malfunction of the contact breaker. The splash-protected circuit breaker is mounted directly on the wall and a steel clamp can also be used for this.

If your apartment uses concealed electrical wiring, the circuit breakers are installed in metal boxes. They are mounted in the wall using alabaster solution. To fix the circuit breaker inside the box, the decorative cover is removed, all the cores of the electrical wires are connected, the screws are slightly unscrewed from the spacer bracket plates and the circuit breaker is pushed inside the box. When the screws are screwed in, the feet of the device are slid apart, so that the circuit breaker is firmly fixed in the box. Screws are screwed in alternately as far as the stop is concerned, and no distortion is allowed. Installation of circuit breakers differs from the usual ones in that it is necessary to pull a three-core wire to such a device.

When installing light circuit breakers, it is essential that safety regulations are strictly observed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not joke about electricity and call a specialist. A specialized company will provide qualified electricians who know their job very well. They will carry out circuit breaker installation and the replacement in your apartment or private house in the shortest possible time. So if you want to avoid mistakes that can happen when you install yourself, it is best to use professional services. This will help you to repair or install the switches quickly and with high quality.

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