There is a reason behind every decision, and long-term business success is the most important reason of all. This objective requires having an immense technical background at your command in order to overcome all the challenges your project will meet before completion. Thus said, hiring all the needed talents quickly is nearly impossible, so outsourcing various parts of the projects to professionals ensures their timely delivery. Here is why IT outsourcing to Ukraine is one of the best decisions you can make.

Why outsource at all? Leaving the omnipresent task of cost reduction aside, you need several components in order to successfully accomplish a project:

  • technical expertise with software architecture and infrastructure management
  • instant access to needed tools and skills
  • polished workflows and CI/CD pipelines
  • in-depth infrastructure performance monitoring
  • detailed server log analytics
  • short customer feedback loops

In short, in order to accomplish any project successfully, you need access to a pool of knowledge covering all aspects of the software delivery life cycle. Hiring this expertise in-house from the start of the project is often impossible or too costly. Thus said, outsourcing different aspects of your business operations to professionals when it is needed helps save a ton of time, money and effort.

When you work with an IT outsourcing company, they provide all the technical skills needed to accomplish your project. They also ensure process continuity, replacing the team members if they fall ill or go on vacation, so your project is not halted. They deliver the required IT service and once the project is successfully completed you part ways without hard feelings — and you can hire this team again if the need arises in the future.

Besides, forming a team out of a group of individuals takes time — and you have to account for the risk of making costly errors in application architecture or infrastructure design if your employees have no previous experience with similar tasks (which is quite often the case with innovative startups). IT outsourcing is beneficial here too, as such teams work with a wide variety of projects and gain ample experience over time. This way the R&D expenses of your project are paid by previous customers, the risk of errors is much lowered and the team might have ready solutions for certain aspects of your project, which will lower the overall time-to-market.

We hope you now see that IT outsourcing can be very beneficial for your business — you just have to outsource to the right company. This is why It outsourcing to Ukraine is so popular in the US and EU, countries of the Gulf and Israel, as well as Scandinavia nowadays.

Ukraine houses a 200.000 people-strong software engineering community where nearly 35% are Senior specialists and 30% more are Middle engineers. This IT outsourcing market is oriented at helping Western partners deliver high-quality products and services for a fraction of costs. This means that most of Ukrainian IT service providers are able to cover all the aspects of software development and cloud infrastructure management — and most of such team have at least 5+ years of experience in doing so.

How to choose the best fit for your needs then? Look at the range of services the company provides and find the team with expertise relevant for your project. Look at their previous successfully completed projects and customer reviews about their project management style and attitude in communication. Have several technical calls — good teams will not pretend they can do everything but will be able to offer ready solutions for some aspects of your project. This way you can find the best fit for your needs and will be able to concentrate on what you do best while outsourcing the rest.

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