What is spontaneous sex? Basically, it is the satisfaction of a sudden desire, regardless of time and place. Like everything in the world, it has both positive and negative sides.

What are the pros of spontaneous sex?

Who hasn’t dreamed about sudden, fast, abrupt sex where and when it seems to have no place at all? Absolutely everyone has fantasized or experienced similar desires. And, undoubtedly, spontaneous sex has a lot of positive nuances:

  • spontaneity, which is clear from the name itself;
  • minimum time and effort for foreplay and preparation;
  • unforgettable unity with your partner;
  • a surge of adrenaline, respectively, extremely bright sensations;
  • creation of a “little secret” just for two;
  • variety in the sexual life for the partners;
  • destruction of complexes and stereotypes.

This list could go on, but the main points are already clear. But like everything in nature, having spontaneous sex has many disadvantages. If there are any doubts about potency, now there are special quick-acting medications that you can buy at https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-viagra-super-floux-force/.

What are the disadvantages of spontaneous sex?

The main disadvantage to spontaneous sex is that the desire must be felt by both partners, at least the willingness to respond promptly. This is not always the case. Therefore, when trying to have spontaneous sex, you have to be very sensitive to determine if the other person is ready. Often one of the partners simply allows himself to be virtually raped, thinking during the act only about when this nightmare will end. Especially often women are guilty of this.

The peculiarities of the psyche and the perception of the partner may differ from the mindset of the one who “suddenly desired”. For someone it is completely unacceptable to have spontaneous sex in a restaurant bathroom, in an elevator cabin, in the bushes of a park or somewhere else. However, this does not mean that in another place the partner will also be against it. If a woman refuses to have spontaneous sex in a boat in the middle of a river, it does not mean that she will refuse to go up to the roof of a high-rise.

Therein lies the difficulty, too; it is quite possible that a man is afraid of water, or confined spaces, and is simply not physically able to respond to his partner’s desires in that particular place. Time in spontaneous sex is limited, so if one of the partners needs long caresses, this option of sexual diversity will not work. The possibility of being caught unawares does not excite everyone, some people, on the contrary, completely shut down and shudder at every rustle, and not at all because of the rush of feelings. This does not necessarily indicate complexes, but rather that sex for such a person is a deeply intimate moment, and is associated not with danger, but with reliability and comfort.

Is it worth having spontaneous sex?

Of course, practicing spontaneous sex is necessary. But, we must not forget that the desire must be strong, sincere and arise in both partners. You can also buy special products to improve the quality of sex here https://svensktapotek.net/.

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