Foreign real estate is becoming more and more attractive every year. As practice shows and omniscient statistics shows, special interest among investors who consider themselves to be the so-called “middle class”, causing objects that are located in Spain, on its Mediterranean coast, and especially – those located near the beautiful Barcelona. It should be noted that among the Spaniards themselves, and among the foreigners who have settled in the Iberian Peninsula has a lot, to buy a villa near this magnificent in all respects the city is considered a very profitable business, and just to be the owner of such residential real estate is very prestigious. Close to Barcelona there are many small and very cozy towns, which are located on the beach and at some distance from it, and connected to the capital of Catalonia by excellent roads, well functioning transport network.

In principle, such a concept as “the suburbs of Barcelona” in practice is interpreted quite broadly, but most often it refers to a fairly large area, which in the west extends from Tarragona to this city, and in the east – from it to Balensa (this area is called the Costa Maresme). Thus, it turns out that the “suburb” refers to the entire province of Barcelona, except, of course, the city itself. An excellent solution can also be the island of Mallorca, and you can buy real estate here at

Why do you need a villa near Barcelona?

Foreigners are buying villas in this state of Southern Europe with different purposes. For many people, this property is an object of profitable investment. The fact is that, despite all the economic difficulties experienced in recent years in Spain, villas located near Barcelona, over time, not at all falling in price, and vice versa, even more expensive. Therefore, by selling it after some time, you can make a very good profit.

Many are trying to buy a villa in Spain in order to get a steady income, renting it. In this regard, those objects of this kind of real estate, which are located in Mallorca, you can safely call almost the best options: the fact that tourists are actively traveling here all year round and all they need somewhere to stay. So those who buy villas in Mallorca, can be almost completely confident that the guests will not have a shortage.

Not too few investors buy villas near Barcelona for their own permanent residence. Many of them open their own business in Spain, and Barcelona for this – also one of the best places. Suffice it to say that it is now in Barcelona produces about 25% of gross domestic product, it accounts for a quarter of all exports of the country. It is also very important that the authorities of Catalonia emphasize the development of small businesses in the province, and therefore small businesses there are provided many benefits. 

It often happens that the buyer does not have enough cash to buy a villa in one of the suburbs of the capital of Catalonia. In such cases, the best solution is a mortgage from a large and reliable bank, and at a really easy interest. If you intend to buy a villa on the outskirts of Barcelona or elsewhere in Spain, we recommend that you carefully consider the options available. You can find answers to many questions that inevitably arise in the selection of the object, preparation and execution of the transaction. If it turns out that there is no such thing, you can just contact the company and experienced highly professional specialists will certainly provide the necessary advice.

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